Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We could find that we're all alone in the dream of the proud

Man, so much going on here, I haven't even gotten onto the last and longest part of the trip yet. Paris.
louvre light_img_1241
I hadn't expected to, but I did make it to the Louvre, thanks to a late opening night. I was pretty tired and only had two hours in the massive museum.
So I wandered around, slightly manic and directionless, which actually was not as unpleasant as it sounds. I enjoyed the people-watching as much as anything else. There were the popular greatest hits of course. I sort of glimpsed the Mona Lisa behind a crowd of people. I got a better look at the Venus de Milo.
One exhibit I did enjoy was of artifacts that had been excavated in an architectural dig of the courtyard area in the 1980s when the pyramid and new entrance were constructed.


Donna Lee said...

The pyramid looks amazing at night. I was at the Louvre 30 years ago, pre-pyramid, and was amazed and overwhelmed by the place. It amazed me that people there took it for granted. I guess it's like I take the Phila Museum of Art for granted because I can go whenever I want.

Bells said...

I feel like that must be a truly spectacular building to be in. I wonder if anyone gets to see the Mona Lisa without a crowd - how odd.

Kuka said...

Gosh, Liv, the photos from your trip are all gorgeous!
We had the same kind of Louvre experience - a couple of hours of directionless wandering =)
I think you'd need two years to see even half of it!

Elizabeth McClung said...

Great pics, particularly the Louvre at night. We went during a heat wave and would go inside and press ourselves against the marble on the walls. Also got there when it opened and raced to see Mona Lisa, we were completely alone. We looked at each other and went, "Uh what do you think?"
Linda: "It's okay."

Then we wandered like you for a couple hours - found some full wall pics of romantic roman ruin paintings. seemed nice.

Keep having fun or exhaustion, both create memories (though slightly different).