Wednesday, October 15, 2008

We've bred all our kittens white so you can see them in the night

into the night
We arrived in Amsterdam quite late at night, flying from Goteborg and changing flights at Copenhagen. I got an amazing view of Copenhagen as the plane skirted the city before landing, and I now I would love to visit - we didn't leave the airport. It had this incredible, clean, tidy Toytown look about it.
I had been yawning on the train from the airport into Amsterdam, and I thought that the only thing I wanted in the whole world was to get to the hotel and fall into bed. But actually the walk to the hotel - dragging luggage, dodging traffic - woke me up, and suddenly I just had to get out again to take some night time photos.
graffiti and bikes
The rest of the group were going to spend the whole weekend there, but this was going to be my only night before heading to London for the weekend. Luckily I had some companions to walk the red light district, share some chips with mayonnaise (when in Amsterdam, this should always be the first order of business), and drink very unusual beer.
Did you watch the last season of The Amazing Race? I am pretty sure this is that bike storage place.

And the full set of my Amsterdam photos can be found on Flickr.


Alwen said...

I've only been in the Netherlands for two weeks out of my entire life. Isn't it strange that I sometimes feel homesick for a country I've only spent two weeks in?

Ever since I knew him, my husband has eaten his French fries with mayonnaise. He LOVED Dutch frites where he didn't even have to ask for it.

Melz said...

Fantastic photos Liv

You've captured all the lights well. They definately make me want to go now.

Bells said...

I'm loving the nighttime shots - your camera performed very well on its round the world jaunt!

Donna Lee said...

It's what I expected Amsterdam to look like. And all the bikes! It looks like such a good trip.