Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Womadelaide 2014: Some of Sunday's sights

341 W

234 flags

231 The cupcakes
Roundabout Theatre's The Cupcakes, "two perfectly groomed 1950s women on a mission to clean up the streets."
228 the cupcakes

204 flags & chairs

216 lanterns daytime

I made an effort to line up to watch the parade because I thought there would be some good photos in it. I took a few shots and then got into a good position, then...the camera battery died. I only bought the camera a week or so prior to the trip, and haven't yet bought a spare battery. And, since my normal habit with cameras is to let each battery go flat before charging, I had forgotten that I should top it up overnight. I thought these large skeletons were pretty cool. At least I got a couple of shots pre-parade.
336 pre parade

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Womadelaide 2014: Saturday

I missed Womadelaide last year, so I was delighted to get back there this year for three days.

134 Box wars
Happy Boxwars graduates.

097 Azadoota
Azadoota, an Assyrian Iraqui band from Sydney.
099 Azadoota

122 Bellydance with Azadoota
A flurry of dancers appeared during Azadoota's set.
115 Dancers with Azadoota


127 Dancers with Azadoota

174 Sam Lee & Friends
Sam Lee & Friends. I think this group might turn out to be new favourite. Their was the only CD I brought home (though there are a few more I may track down) and it is lovely. Really delightful. A collection of English folk songs, played with some non-traditional instruments, eg Shruti Box, an Indian instrument, bellows-based, which makes a droning noise (yes! the good kind).

177 Jon Cleary & the Absolute Monster Gentlemen
Jon Cleary & the Absolute Monster Gentlemen, from New Orleans. A fantastic show. Even though one of the gentlemen (the guitarist) was missing due to illness, with just bass, drums and piano the sound was large and warm.
Jon Cleary & the Absolute Monster Gentlemen

 193 Just being there

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Gotta go west on that bus

I made a bag for the littlest nephew (2 and a half) for Christmas. He didn't yet have a bag of his own (!) but had been playing with the little babyish bags I made for the twins when they were only a bit over one year old.

This one is a good deal bigger than those, in fact maybe a little bit bigger than I intended, but it is a good size for a couple of library books. I should have made the flap longer though. I've fallen in this trap with little pouches I've made before, I forget to allow for the width of the bag and make the flap too short. I used a satchel pattern from Knitty, though I'm pretty sure I improvised the numbers. The yarn is Bendigo's Murano - great value for a self-striping feltable.

I went op-shopping for a fabric belt for the handle and was thrilled with this black and white striped one. It had d-rings, which I cut off and used on the sides of the bag. And with these great instructions I learned how to make the strap adjustable.