Sunday, June 29, 2014

Good times in RAdelaide

P6091389 Grange

I recently had a few days in Adelaide. Mostly when I visit I'm there for Womadelaide, and don't spend time doing much else. This trip was a bit different, and I actually made it to the beach. I know I've been to Glenelg once or twice, but that was probably well over ten years ago. Coming from an inland city, you'd think I would seek out the sea, but I think I've been too focused on the music. Nah, I don't really have a problem with that.
P6091400 Terrace

Anyway we had a nice walk from Henley Beach to Grange, where I admired these Victorian terrace houses. If the sign is to be believed, they are Australia's only three-story Victorian sea-front terraces. Which immediately made me wonder if there are any two-story ones. Either way, they are an uncommon sight. Below, the terraces seen from out on Grange jetty.

P6091396 reflect

There were plenty of more modern beach houses with fabulous views out to sea. These people were smart with the reflective glass.

P6101417 legs
The next day I had some solo time in town. So after visiting a couple of favourite shops, I reacquainted myself with the Art Gallery of South Australia.
I love this gallery, their salon hanging style and the way the work is arranged, with a lot of modern, exciting, confronting art displayed along with the older works from the collection. The themes they use to organise the work seem more fresh and flexible than many other galleries. I also love the coloured walls, which when I first went there, reminded me somewhat of the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh.
cornish slate


shadow    This is The Gamekeeper's Gibbet, by British artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster. When you look closely, you see that each of the clusters creating the artists' profiles in shadows is made up small mummified animals which have been cast in gilded sterling silver. Yeah!


And downstairs, there is a small slightly crowded room all dedicated to lace.