Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kid you not

I have been going to a Pilates class all year. I seriously hated it at first. But I was pretty sure it would be good for me with my poor posture. I think there are some changes but it's pretty slow. The exercises can be subtle and it takes a long time to seem to improve.

But from both Pilates and Posture & Flexibility I have found the child's pose. It's a yoga move, actually, but I've never done yoga. In these classes it's a rest after certain exercises, and a counterpose to anything that bends the spine back the other way.

I heard myself the other day saying to a friend, "I'm pretty laid back, really. Yeah, definitely laid back".

Well..... I am, and I'm not. I try not to let things surprise or phase me too much. The things that people might expect to shock or worry me, don't always.

But. There are times that I swallow a lot to be so 'laid back'. And yes, perhaps the odd time I let it out at home.

It's not a deliberate strategy I've adopted, it just happens - I do the child's pose in my mind. A little comforting image of curling down and hiding out.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We're living in the future and none of this has happened yet

Here is a little sectioned bowl that came into my head this morning and off the needles this afternoon. (Large gauge = instant gratification). Cleckheaton Merino supreme, garter stitch base and the rest crocheted. To be felted.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

I just want to hear some rhythm

In very exciting news, Leah made a pod from my pattern. Has anyone else tried it?

I've only done a little felting recently.

This has been in my head for ages, and to be honest it looked a bit better there than it does in real life.

It's beautiful hand-dyed wool that Happy Spider gave me, ages ago - deemed a bit too scratchy to sell with all the gorgeous stuff on her ebay store.

I started with a rectangle in wide ribbing (6x1? something like that).

Then I swapped needles for hook and crocheted around the perimeter, down the ribbed stripes, and across to make little compartments.

Before I felted it I thought hard about whether it needed another round of crochet (I think I did two) around the outside. I opted for laziness and hoped that felting would pull it all together. I should have known better.

Still, it is functional, and a better option for the jewellery in high rotation than that classy cigar box lined with tissue paper. It's easier and quicker to find what I want - all the plain studs are in one compartment, for example. I do have a jewellery box, but it's not that accessible, and ends up being full of stuff I'm keeping for various reasons but don't wear.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

There is always more to say

Nick Seymour

Neil Finn

There were two support acts for Crowded House, and we arrived to hear only the last couple of songs from The Walls, a band from Dublin. As soon as the house lights came up I pulled out my knitting. I had managed to cast on the toe for a second sock earlier in the evening, at a cafe while waiting for my pizza to arrive. I don't always carry knitting, it depends what I'm working on, plus some social situations suit it better than others. Luckily DJZ is pretty sympathetic. And these socks are going to my sister, who, while we were living it up, was staying at my house to look after the dogs. Dogs who are used to sleeping on the bed and who complain loudly if they are excluded (I know, I know). So I was quite motivated to churn out this sock.

The guy sitting next to me was puzzled at all the sticks and asked "is that knitting?" I usually hate small talk but somehow continuing to knit made it easier to do the right thing and chat a bit - have you seen Crowded House before, that kind of thing. It seems strange, maybe even sad, when you think about it, to be in a big room elbow-by-elbow with all these people who know and love the same music, and yet not connect with any of them. I don't tend to chat with or seek to meet new people much, but sometimes I do feel bad about it and I often ponder these sorts of things. I really value my privacy and my own headspace. When you're in a confined space for an extended time it can be a big risk to make contact - what if it turns out to be annoying? Dangerous? Just tiring? Or even, what if you really like them, and then at the end of the event you just leave, like you never met?

(I'm really risk averse, can you tell?)

This conversation was benign enough. Except for when the lights went out for the main event and he said in an obnoxious sing-songy voice: "You'll have to stop knitting now!" Really? Sheesh.

The second support was Augie March. Earlier this year I saw them at Womadelaide (twice, actually - sis is a bit of a fan) and I noted a little sneery rock star attitude which put me offside a bit. It was something about playing their huge hit "One crowded hour". This time it couldn't have been more different. They were clearly nervous, and hugely honoured to be supporting Crowded House on a big stadium tour. This was a little surprising from a band that has been around so long, but perhaps that's why they're so keen for bigger/more mainstream exposure. Unless it was very successful sarcasm and I missed it. Don't think so. Anyway I still think they're pretty interesting and really should borrow a CD or two from sis.

Finally, here's the set list grabbed from this thread

Private universe
World where you live
Dont stop now
Fall at your feet
Whispers & moans
English trees
Heaven that I'm making
Love you till the day I die
Silent house
Dont dream it's over
Pour le monde
Walked her way down
When you come
Distant sun

Locked out
Something so strong
Weather with you

Four Seasons in one day
Italian plastic
Better be home soon

Blurry Arty Neil Finn

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

And somebody beside you slipped your head inside the crown

Ooh, I saw Crowded House at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on Monday night; the first Australian show of their reunion tour. And I feel like I almost owe an apology to all the people I talked to beforehand when I was playing it cool. I thought I was happy enough to go but not really that fussed. I was wrong. Damn they were awesome and I love those guys.

I couldn't really understand why they had reformed after so much time, and after Paul's death two years ago. The new album was underwhelming at first, but had grown on me. I was also maybe a little bit too familiar with the album versions of all their old hits. I hadn't listened to the live album in ages, and forgot how great they are live (still; again). Of course Paul leaves big goofy shoes to fill, but having seen the show, I can't begrudge the guys another go as a band.

Our seats were right around the side of the stage. It was a much better view than being way up high; the only disadvantage was that one ear/side of the head gets noise-blasted disproportionately. Of course there were big crowd sing-alongs for 'Don't dream it's over' and 'Better be home soon'. I think my faves were 'Whispers and Moans' and 'Italian Plastic'.... oh and lots of others. Sadly no 'Sister Madly' though. After about the second song I leaned over to DJZ sitting next to me and predicted there would be two encores. I was right. (not that hard).

Downloads from US leg of the tour are available here. I hope they'll do the same for the Australian tour as well.