Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Kid you not

I have been going to a Pilates class all year. I seriously hated it at first. But I was pretty sure it would be good for me with my poor posture. I think there are some changes but it's pretty slow. The exercises can be subtle and it takes a long time to seem to improve.

But from both Pilates and Posture & Flexibility I have found the child's pose. It's a yoga move, actually, but I've never done yoga. In these classes it's a rest after certain exercises, and a counterpose to anything that bends the spine back the other way.

I heard myself the other day saying to a friend, "I'm pretty laid back, really. Yeah, definitely laid back".

Well..... I am, and I'm not. I try not to let things surprise or phase me too much. The things that people might expect to shock or worry me, don't always.

But. There are times that I swallow a lot to be so 'laid back'. And yes, perhaps the odd time I let it out at home.

It's not a deliberate strategy I've adopted, it just happens - I do the child's pose in my mind. A little comforting image of curling down and hiding out.


Hilda said...

Sounds good to me. I like this pose too and sometimes when I'm doing yoga class I just go into this pose because I can't be bothered attempting another. Sometimes the teacher's said yes that's a good idea everyone the child's pose.
I once saw a lady doing the child's pose with a bike helmet on and her bike beside her i thought she'd fallen off but she was just doing the child's pose while she waited for her daughter. I might practise under my desk now.

Bells said...

oh I know that pose, as a sometimes yoga participant. It's a good one.

I think this is a beautiful image. It's been with me all day since I read it this morning.

Donna Lee said...

I also am known as a "laid back" kind of person. I will admit that it takes a lot to make me lose it but what you said about "swallowing a lot" really rings a bell with me. When I finally have had enough and let loose, the people around me get scared and worried. It happens so seldom that they don't know how to handle it. I like to keep them guessing. I have taken a few yoga courses and I love tai chi. They make me feel so good. My promise to myself next year is to resume my tai chi. It's been a while and my body misses it.

Michelle said...

You've given me much food for thought.

Yoga for the mind. Good one.

kms said...

what a great idea. i love childs pose physically, the way the weight just drops off your shoulders, so i must try the mental version. thanks for that!

Alwen said...

I loved the Yoga Journal link you gave and printed off some of the poses. My son was looking at the website, and he pointed to "Standing Forward Bend" and said, "Mom, no one can do that." It cracked me up -- never mind that the woman in the photo was doing it!