Sunday, September 14, 2008

fresh from being patted down at security at Changi Airport Singapore

Don't worry, they seemed to do it to everyone.

I'm on my way to Europe for two weeks. This is a work trip and I haven't actually talked about it to many people. Not because of work security requirements. (Though I don't want to get dooced any more than the next person).

No, it's because I haven't been very keen about this trip, and everything related to it has seemed stressful (even though I don't have to do anything very hard) and I couldn't face telling that story too many times, and watching that look appear on their face that says I am a crazy person.

Anyway there will be some bits of free time and, I hope, some stories to tell later.

See ya!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Everything but the beak and feet

I am a lucky duck.

fair isle cardie

My grandmother knitted this for me earlier this year for my birthday. I picked a plain 5ply cardigan pattern from this Paton's Bluebell book, chose four contrasting colours from my Bendigo Woollen Mills shade card, and left the patterning up to her.

fair isle cardie back
The photos above are a bit washed out - this one shows the colours more accurately. And with all that going on, my primary button adviser
(Mum) advised me to pick really simple buttons that pretty much blend into the band. It took a bit of searching for a colour that isn't truly blue or green, but I did manage to find some that work.
cardie colours
I think it was a good deal I struck. It's lovely to have someone to knit for you, I've been lucky enough to have a supply of cardies and jumpers all my life.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Goth pears?

gothy pears 3
This is a pair of pears (Hee hee, I never get tired of that phrase) for someone who likes things a bit on the gothy side.

really purple
The reddish one is Patons Jet again. The other is a combination of Armytage - the white to grey colours - and Cleckheaton Merino Spun for the bottom. It looks almost black but it is actually a wonderful very dark purple.