Sunday, September 14, 2008

fresh from being patted down at security at Changi Airport Singapore

Don't worry, they seemed to do it to everyone.

I'm on my way to Europe for two weeks. This is a work trip and I haven't actually talked about it to many people. Not because of work security requirements. (Though I don't want to get dooced any more than the next person).

No, it's because I haven't been very keen about this trip, and everything related to it has seemed stressful (even though I don't have to do anything very hard) and I couldn't face telling that story too many times, and watching that look appear on their face that says I am a crazy person.

Anyway there will be some bits of free time and, I hope, some stories to tell later.

See ya!


Rose Red said...

Work related travel is nowhere near as exciting as a lot of people think it might be, so I get what you are saying (but I do hope there will be yarn buying opportunities on your trip!)

Michelle said...

I always detested work related travel, and can't imagine the hassles if I'd had to go OS as well. So no, you're not a crazy person, but I will suggest that you take it as it comes and enjoy every moment along your way!

Hope it's a successful and fun trip. See you when you get back.

Bells said...

I hope it's ok Olivia. I know you've been anxious. Will look forward to hearing about the fun bits between the mandatory bits.

Donna Lee said...

I am not fond of work related travel and fortunately only do it to attend conferences and such. I hope there is some good down time and you get to have some fun. Especially after getting patted down by a stranger. Ewww.

Olivia said...

thanks guys. I am now at Heathrow, where the security pat-down was much.... MORE.

Next is a flight to Oslo and then a train to Lillehammer. By the time I get there I think I will have been on the move for about a day and a half!