Saturday, March 16, 2013

This time, won't be the last time


I will need to make at least one more of these sev[en] circles scarves. And I won't be shocked if it ends up being two.

This one was a birthday present for a friend. I could see it being something she'd wear, but decided to consult her before starting (given I was a bit late getting going anyway!). I showed her two different yarns I thought she might like to choose from, Jo Sharp Silkroad DK tweed in purple, and silvery grey Silkroad Aran. She said, yes, I like both of those.


It hadn't occurred to me to use two different colours. First I thought I would alternate loops. Then I realised that it would be simpler, and cleaner-looking, to knit some loops in one colour and then the remaining loops in the other colour. It would be easy to wear the piece in a way that mingles them together anyway. Given the yarns were not the same weight, I knit the first three loops in the Aran, reducing the stitch count in the pattern by 10. (This is seriously the easiest pattern to customise, you can use any stitch counts you like, as long as the loops fit over your head). Then I knit the other four loops in the DK, following the pattern as written.

During the knitting of this, I mentioned the two colour-idea to my sister, recipient of the green one. She suggested another way to do it, colour-blocking by switching colours halfway through each loop. I do like that idea and want to try it now.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

One very big day


The Canberra Day long weekend is usually when I am in Adelaide for that festival. Instead I stayed in town, and got to check out this one instead. Happy 100 years Canberra! Most of us who live here love it, most others don't get it... that's ok.