Sunday, July 08, 2012

Cabled cowl

This was one of those sweet projects that went really smoothly. My sis wanted an easy-to-wear neckwarmer, nothing that needs to be tied, pinned or arranged. She still wears a short scarf I made for her a few years ago (a replacement version of this one which went missing) and it's looking pretty worn. We talked about options including another short scarf with buttons, or a keyhole scarf. When I suggested a short cowl, she liked that idea the best. cowl flat
I chose larger needles to make it nice and drapey (5mm; the wool is Cleckheaton Country Naturals). Tried out a cable pattern I had seen (I like the flatter look you get with those knit stitches next to the cables, instead of going straight to purls). Then I draped a tape measure around my neck to guesstimate the ideal circumference. Not sure what I ended up with, but what I wrote down was 55-60cm. I didn't know how deep to make it, so I had her try it on when I thought it might be finished (I cast off but didn't weave in the ends), and she decided how much more there should be. A couple more cable repeats and it was done. I can see why cowls are so popular to knit, so simple to make and easy to wear. cowl2