Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wish I was in 'Frisco, in a brand-new pair of shoes

If you've been reading here for a while you might remember that I have knit these before, and that it was quite a journey with many interesting challenges.

This time they are for my grandmother, for an important milestone birthday. By request. And also kind of as an exchange because I still need her to knit for me! (A fair isle cardie).

I made a couple of improvements. I finally figured out how to make the spirals go in opposite directions - knitting one stocking inside out, purling everything instead of knitting. It's lucky this was the one I completed first, because then I found that it looked much neater overall. I made the other one match better by doing all pattern rows as YO, SSK. The pattern that these are based on, Lolita Legs, alternates patterns rows with K2tog, and skp.
opposite spirals
The other thing I changed, and which I had wanted to change even on the original ones, was to use smaller needles (2.25mm) for the toes and heels as well as the ribbing, decreasing (k2tog)and increasing (kfb) the stitch count as required.
Right. Off to knit something else!


Michelle said...

Perfect, Liv! Did you do these in Patonyle? I love the colour (I think you need to make a pair for yourself).

Rose Red said...

Those are fabulous! I love the shoes too - perfect for the handknit socks!

Taphophile said...

Utterly glorious. Ingenious to work out how to change the direction.

Bells said...

they are so good!! I'm so envious I think I must make some. They turned out perfectly. Am sure they will be loved.

Donna Lee said...

They are fantastic. Lucky grandma. And lucky you, fair isle cardie? Does she know that?

2paw said...

Oh wow, thse are fabulous socks. I have done that too, knitted socks partially inside out, but so I didn't have to purl a lot!! Love their symmetry!!!

Jejune said...

Oh wow, they are stunning! Totally love them! I bet your nanna is over the moon :)

Anonymous said...

They are lovely Livvy. My toes have been keeping warm in your lacy green socks. so nice to have knitted socks