Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oscook the Gronster*

Many little pods went to market but there was one that had to stay home.

I generally don't spend long thinking out the combinations of wools (colour and texture) for these pods - I like to grab things that appeal in the moment and just see how they turn out. Occasionally they don't, as in the case of this ugly duckling.

I guess it's easy to blame the feathers-esque novelty yarn (that's what the blue protruding stuff is). Always a risky move, but I have liked it in felting before. There were a few others in this batch incorporating other kinds of novelty yarn, and which I thought turned out pretty cool.
19 novelty_img_06563_novelty img_0608OBDM 21

But this one. Oy. I was simply grossed out by it at first. Then I realised, in describing it to someone, that it looks like the love child of Oscar the Grouch and the Cookie Monster. Over the last week I have gradually becoming quite attached to it. I don't think I would sell it now if you offered me a thousand dollars. Mind you I'm still pretty sure no one would or should buy it!
The photographer gets desperate: will a pretty ribbon help?

Oscook's base yarns are a variegated Lincraft cosy wool (green, brown, blue and white) held with another strand of green or blue at different points. The blue novelty stuff isn't great, but I think the real problem is the colour combining. It's all very murky with the exception of the bright blue feathers, so that stuff stands out in the wrong way. Even without the feathers, I don't think I would like it much. When I use up the rest of that particular variegated colourway I might try to throw in something more bright, colourwise (not feather-wise).

*Clever name? I can't take credit, it was Jen.


happyspider said...

aww i think it's sweet :)

umm... i've got a bit of handspun which I'd be interested to see how it felts... any interest?

Taphophile said...

Indeed! That blue does stand out and the colours underneath are lovely subtle things.

m1k1 said...

I felt (groan) quite chuffed that Oscook's name was acceptable.
Now I just feel sorry for him. Looks like those pictures of chicks just losing their down, and getting their adult plumage.
And poor pod #10 - the hallucinogenically inspired wasp belly! If no-one wants him let me know.

Alwen said...

To me it has the look of a chick just starting to get real feathers, sort of half-here and half-there, if that makes any sense.

amy said...

I think it's sort of cute!

Bells said...

Oh very cute! It's nice to see how different all the pods can be!

kms said...

it has a charm all its own. but yes, the chick losing its feathers thing is a good description....

Michelle said...

I think ol' Oscook looks rather splendid.

Donna Lee said...

Oscook has an enearing charm about him (I don't know why "him", it just seems to fit). Being different is a good thing and he's got it going on.