Monday, May 19, 2008

never been this far away from home

Yesterday was great. (See The Shopping Sherpa for lots of pictures). Overwhelming, and quite chilly, and also... great! The combined market stall / knit cafe worked really well. Maybe a little crowded at times. But it was really nice in the afternoon to have a friendly little group around, when the markets were dying down after lunch, and many other (solo) stall holders looked cold, tired and bored.

I was very happy to sell over half of my items. It's just really nice feeling that people liked my stuff, and some of them paid money for it. Yeah, some of them asked - but what's it FOR? That's ok too.

A Little Bit Crafty Jen asked in the comments if there were any pods left to buy. I think I might put the pictures and prices up here later this week, in case anyone who wasn't in Canberra on Sunday would like to buy one. Then I have a couple of other potential avenues in mind...and in the end I don't mind having a gift stash either.


m1k1 said...

Excellent. I'll keep a look out.

Rose Red said...

ooh, me too, me too!

Donna Lee said...

The photos are great. You guys had a kick-ass booth. And right next to the cafe! Woot! I'm glad it was a success. Crafty women like yourselves should share the joy with the world.

j said...

miri said that she saw you - well more importantly, she recognised your pods *then* saw you... well done - they look great. I love my pod and my jewel holder.