Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Like a man with a tiger outside his gate

It's the Old Bus Depot Markets Celebration of Wool Day this coming Sunday. Although the markets are on every Sunday, the woolstravaganza only happens once a year. The Canberra SnB group has booked a stall and we'll be hosting an all-day stitching - knitting, crochet, whatever - session for anyone who wants to drop in.

A few of us will also be selling stuff: there will be hand-dyed yarn and bats of spinning fibre from Happyspider; hand dyed yarn from Monica; and Knitaholic and Happy Knitting bags, Groovy Green Bags, painted bamboo knitting needles and knitted cupcakes from The Shopping Sherpa. Taphophile will be providing a skein-to-ball winding service, and I've been podding up a storm, and with luck will have some felted pendants as well.

UPDATE: Jejune's gorgeous Knitting Art products will be there too.

Here's a peek into how I've been spending my time lately:
Hand felting several items at once using a plunger (bought new for this purpose) in a bucket.
Afer that they individually get a bit of rubbing and agitating - the best way to really reduce stitch definition and make a really 'felty' fabric.
My new favourite step. Chuck wet soggy item hard onto the concrete, repeatedly. If I do enough of this I have sore arms the next day (in the good way - felting muscles!)


Michelle said...

The thought of throwing the soggy pods is rather appealing to me. Certainly sounds like a way to get whatever out of your system!

The pods look great. I'm sure they'll do well on Sunday. I only wish I was there to have some fun with you guys!

Donna Lee said...

That sounds like a fun day! If it weren't for the whole 'other side of the world' thing, I'd be there! Plunging and throwing sound like they could be Olympic events. Maybe you should set up felting as a competetive event?

Alwen said...

"Plunging and throwing" - between that and the singing zombie video, my brain is completely full of fascinating weirdness today!

Bells said...

Oh what a cool idea - chuck, splat! Fabulous.

I really want to come and watch some time!

Caffeine Faerie said...

That pink and orange pod came out really, really well!

Rose Red said...

mmmm, podtastic! Is that pod up in the top of the top picture inside out? Nice!

Ginger_nut said...

oooh.. wish I could be there for all the fun this weekend! Hope you gals have a good day :)

m1k1 said...

I need to know. Did you sell all your pods? I couldn't make it to Canberra and would love to buy one.

Great pictures. What a glorious idea, the chuckasplat.

2paw said...

Your pods are wonderful, and what a great way to felt!!!