Sunday, May 04, 2008

pocket full of horses


Time flies. The week before last (actually, it's practically another week gone now) I went to Tasmania with my Dad. The trip was mainly to visit his family, but it also happened to coincide with the Targa Tasmania. OK this really didn't just happen by chance.

I have kinda mixed feelings about car racing so it Dad who was most keen to go to some Targa events - I was more interested in knitting and book shopping with my grandmother. However, I did decide to go with Dad to the Targa Expo at the Silverdome. There were some very cool cars and a few very weird ones to see, and plenty of photo opportunities.



All 300-ish vehicles competing in the Targa were lined up inside the Silverdome (a velodrome). There was a big crowd and a great atmosphere, with a brass band playing most of the time we were there.

Despite having raced in the prologue stages that day, all the cars were very shiny and clean. There were a few works-in-progress, though.

Pagani, the yellow car at the top of this post, seemed to be the star of the show. But another yellow wonder also caught our attention, as by far the strangest car.
Lots more photos in the full Flickr set.


m1k1 said...

I had a Mk I Sprite, yonks ago, in the far distant mists of time, but seeing that one made all the fun memories come flooding back.

Michelle said...

That second car is laughing at me.

2paw said...

Glad you enjoyed Targa. I must say I am not a car fan and so I was extremely cross to have the middle town unexpectedly blocked off for a car show at 5pm one night. Sigh. I think the Silverdome is a much better place!!!! Did you see the old cars on Collectors this week?? I liked them!!!

Donna Lee said...

I've never 'gotten' car races. It seems as boring as watching someone play golf. I do like to look at race cars. They are so sleek and sexy looking. A little low slung for driving on the roads with all the suv's though. I'll bet you couldn't see anything.