Monday, March 24, 2008

One and one and one is three

Some time ago I made a felted pendant for my mum. And now I have finally made one for myself.

Felted pendant 2.2
It's a crocheted circle, felted then cut into a rough oval shape. I stitched all around the edge with embroidery cotton. Then I just poked a hole for the jump ring, and attached the bead-and-shell pendant. This part was made using recycled bits given to me by a good mate. A while ago, there was a fad for selling jeans with a jangly bundle of charms hooked onto a belt loop. I don't think the look ever took off, but it supplied me with some bits to play around with!
Felted pendant 2
This other necklace came about in the the same session. I was playing about with the wooden beads as a necklace to hold the felted pendant, but there was too much going on all together so I paired it with a simpler pendant.
new necklace.2


Rose Red said...

Both of those are great! You are so very creative!

Djaughan Zelmonde said...

I'm SO glad that you have re-invented the jeans jangly bundle!! My favourite part of the felted pendant is, for some reason, the embrodery around the edge. I don't know why, but it's what makes the piece for me - I was meaning to tell you the other day.

Kuka said...

Oooh Liv, they're lovely - I really like the felted one =)
Gorgeous photos too