Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's the end of a perfect day

Talk about a satisfying little project.
bue edge_img_9522
Take one t-shirt, never been worn because it is just a little bit annoyingly too short.

Take less than half a ball of soft Patonyle sock yarn in a matching colour.

Swatch one or two edging patterns from a book, pick one and work out how many repeats you need to go around the bottom edge of the t-shirt.

Knit the edging and hit it with a good blast of steam to make it sit nicely.

Hand-stitch it to the hem of the t-shirt. And you're done.
blue edge close_img_9521
Aside from swatching a different edging option the day before, this was completed in one day (and I didn't spend the whole day knitting) and I wore it the next.

The pattern is Seashore edging from 'The Hamlyn Complete Knitting Course' by Eleanor Van Zandt.

I deliberately chose not to block it hard to its full lacy potential because I wanted to finish it quickly. Then I backwards-justified that decision, thinking that, this being a t-shirt, I'm going to be machine washing it (in a lingerie bag) and the most I will be willing to do is a quick blast of steam from the iron before running for the bus in the morning. I'm hoping the sock yarn will be a good choice to stand up to a fair bit of wear this way.

I hand-stitched it to the wrong side of the hem. Another option, especially with a more lacy edging, and if you wanted a more fancy look (maybe even with contrasting yarn) would be to sew it on the right side, partially overlapping the t-shirt so that the fabric shows through the lace.


amy said...

Olivia, that looks awesome. I am so impressed! (I am also yearning for t-shirt weather, but that's another story.) What a beautiful way to personalize a shirt!

Kate said...

The edging is lovely! That's a great way to fix an annoyingly common problem.

Bells said...


Georgie said...

I said it on Sunday too - brilliant! It looks fab.

Michelle said...

Fantastic idea, and I like it being hemmed to the indide of the shirt. Makes it seem more elegant yet understated.

twitchy fingers said...

That looks fantastic!

Alwen said...

Wow, now that's unique!

Donna Lee said...

What a clever idea. The colors match perfectly. I have a pair of superwash socks that I have thrown into the wash often and they hold up just fine. You might just have to iron it a bit before you wear it.

Jejune said...

Oh wow, that is bloody brilliant. It looks SO drop-dead gorgeous!

2paw said...

That is spectacular!! I love it!! Very clever idea. I must bear it in mind!!

Mikey Morell said...

Liv, your blog is fab! Lots of talent and it's so you. Well done!