Sunday, February 04, 2007

Things can get a little strange

This was part of Mum's Christmas present, wrapped up unfinished, the way I almost always give necklaces - gotta get the length right. This time it wasn't simply the length but the whole thing I was unsure about. I'd been thinking for ages about coming up with a felted pendant, though the actual execution was quite fast. I handed it over as a "here's this odd thing I made, I think it's probably too wacky to actually wear" kind of present. With three grown-up daughters, Mum really shouldn't have to relive the days of wearing weird or poorly chosen jewellery just because "my daughter gave it to me".

It's a simple crocheted circle, felted and then embroidered with a couple of meandering lines. The leaf is turquoise, a great find at a gemstone/jewellery shop called Mineshaft. I thought it would be fun to show her my experiment but then I could rebuild it with the leaf in a more simple arrangement with other turquoise-y beads. But (the suspense is killing you, I KNOW), Mum really liked it. And it's not like I think she was crazy for liking it. I was just really glad that she liked it AND thought it would work for her.


Djaughan Zelmonde said...


This Creation is amazing - I didn't even know you were working on it so it was fantastic/a great surprise to see this post. I love seeing the products that your brain/hands create. I think you, your mum and your sisters should ban together and have a joint exhibition - seriously. I love the random lines.

Bells said...

You come up with the most beautiful and orginal things! I just love that!

Olivia said...

Aw, thanks guys. I really appreciate the encouragement.