Sunday, November 11, 2007

There is always more to say

Nick Seymour

Neil Finn

There were two support acts for Crowded House, and we arrived to hear only the last couple of songs from The Walls, a band from Dublin. As soon as the house lights came up I pulled out my knitting. I had managed to cast on the toe for a second sock earlier in the evening, at a cafe while waiting for my pizza to arrive. I don't always carry knitting, it depends what I'm working on, plus some social situations suit it better than others. Luckily DJZ is pretty sympathetic. And these socks are going to my sister, who, while we were living it up, was staying at my house to look after the dogs. Dogs who are used to sleeping on the bed and who complain loudly if they are excluded (I know, I know). So I was quite motivated to churn out this sock.

The guy sitting next to me was puzzled at all the sticks and asked "is that knitting?" I usually hate small talk but somehow continuing to knit made it easier to do the right thing and chat a bit - have you seen Crowded House before, that kind of thing. It seems strange, maybe even sad, when you think about it, to be in a big room elbow-by-elbow with all these people who know and love the same music, and yet not connect with any of them. I don't tend to chat with or seek to meet new people much, but sometimes I do feel bad about it and I often ponder these sorts of things. I really value my privacy and my own headspace. When you're in a confined space for an extended time it can be a big risk to make contact - what if it turns out to be annoying? Dangerous? Just tiring? Or even, what if you really like them, and then at the end of the event you just leave, like you never met?

(I'm really risk averse, can you tell?)

This conversation was benign enough. Except for when the lights went out for the main event and he said in an obnoxious sing-songy voice: "You'll have to stop knitting now!" Really? Sheesh.

The second support was Augie March. Earlier this year I saw them at Womadelaide (twice, actually - sis is a bit of a fan) and I noted a little sneery rock star attitude which put me offside a bit. It was something about playing their huge hit "One crowded hour". This time it couldn't have been more different. They were clearly nervous, and hugely honoured to be supporting Crowded House on a big stadium tour. This was a little surprising from a band that has been around so long, but perhaps that's why they're so keen for bigger/more mainstream exposure. Unless it was very successful sarcasm and I missed it. Don't think so. Anyway I still think they're pretty interesting and really should borrow a CD or two from sis.

Finally, here's the set list grabbed from this thread

Private universe
World where you live
Dont stop now
Fall at your feet
Whispers & moans
English trees
Heaven that I'm making
Love you till the day I die
Silent house
Dont dream it's over
Pour le monde
Walked her way down
When you come
Distant sun

Locked out
Something so strong
Weather with you

Four Seasons in one day
Italian plastic
Better be home soon

Blurry Arty Neil Finn


Donna Lee said...

I understand about wanting your own "headspace" but I often don't have much choice. People talk to me. I must have a sign on me somewhere that says "here I am, talk to me, I won't be rude". I have learned so many things about absolute strangers. And now when I take knitting with me, it's worse. It could be worse, people could want to hit me instead of just talk..

Bells said...

i would really have loved to see this show.

And it's like talking to someone on the bus (except for when you run into a friend, hey Olivia?!) - i prefer my own headspace on the bus for fear it'll turn into a not so fun situation, but sometimes i'm surprised.

Jejune said...

Sounds like a simply brilliant concert... sigh... so glad you got to go!

Yeah, know what you mean about valuing your privacy, and being cautious. Nice you could knit at the show, though, and educate someone a little ;) Now all you need are those illuminated needles!

Matt said...


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