Wednesday, November 07, 2007

And somebody beside you slipped your head inside the crown

Ooh, I saw Crowded House at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on Monday night; the first Australian show of their reunion tour. And I feel like I almost owe an apology to all the people I talked to beforehand when I was playing it cool. I thought I was happy enough to go but not really that fussed. I was wrong. Damn they were awesome and I love those guys.

I couldn't really understand why they had reformed after so much time, and after Paul's death two years ago. The new album was underwhelming at first, but had grown on me. I was also maybe a little bit too familiar with the album versions of all their old hits. I hadn't listened to the live album in ages, and forgot how great they are live (still; again). Of course Paul leaves big goofy shoes to fill, but having seen the show, I can't begrudge the guys another go as a band.

Our seats were right around the side of the stage. It was a much better view than being way up high; the only disadvantage was that one ear/side of the head gets noise-blasted disproportionately. Of course there were big crowd sing-alongs for 'Don't dream it's over' and 'Better be home soon'. I think my faves were 'Whispers and Moans' and 'Italian Plastic'.... oh and lots of others. Sadly no 'Sister Madly' though. After about the second song I leaned over to DJZ sitting next to me and predicted there would be two encores. I was right. (not that hard).

Downloads from US leg of the tour are available here. I hope they'll do the same for the Australian tour as well.


Djaughan Zelmonde said...

It was FAB - and all the better for sharing the experience with you.

Bells said...

I'm so glad it was a great night. I thought you sounded very ho hum about it when describing it before the event - often that's when you have the biggest surprise!

Taphophile said...

Fantastic that you were open to enjoying it so much when you'd not been expecting for it to go off.

I date myself by remembering the End of the Enz concerts.

Michelle said...

I adore Crowded House. I'd tried not getting excited about the reunion though, as I was wondering if it was really Crowded House with no Paul.

Like Taph, I also date myself by remembering Crowded House playing at Raiders in Queanbeyan in 91 and 92. Ah, the good old days of great gigs at Raiders!

Michelle said...

PS.. It's great you had a good time! I would have loved to have seen them again, despite my uncertainty.