Monday, October 29, 2007

My expectations may be high, I blame them on my youth

I want to show you two things my sister has made for me. The bag was a gift last year, and more recently she presented me with this gorgous fabric-covered notebook. The cover is removable so that when the notebook is full I can replace it.

These were totally separate gifts but I had to photograph them together as they turned out to be quite complementary. The notebook cover combines embroidery, applique and fabric pen drawings.

I always loved the bag but recently started using it a lot more because it has a long strap and is a good shape to wear across my body. I am avoiding shoulder bags these days to try to relieve some pesky neck pain. This also fits in with my broader quest to improve my posture.

And I see now that I will have to get another photo of the bag, because you can't really see the embroidered caravan on it (the button is its wheel). The lining is silk - I think it might have been a scarf.

It's got my name on it.


Taphophile said...

What a talented family and such thoughtful and beautiful gifts. I saw the caravan when I clicked on the bag photo and scrolled down to the left. A tricky little detail. :)

Donna Lee said...

The bag is great. I love handmade gifts. I have never made a bag but am seing so many good ones online that I am feeling the urge.

Jejune said...

I love the bag and the very funky arty notebook cover! You clearly come from a very creative family!

I seem to have got all the creativity genes in my family - I have a hand painted silk scarf from my sister, but I think that's about it in terms of handmade crafty gifts from my family (of 8).