Wednesday, October 03, 2007

or whatever will bewilder me

This is the little bowl for Aunty M to go with the earlier bigger one. A good place to throw jewellery when you take it off at night - must make one for me, actually.

Avant feutring, avec chien.

Recently I discovered that these bowls take a different shape when turned inside out after felting. In this case I wasn't sure which way was better, and left it to my aunt to decide if she wants a shallower or deeper bowl.

In these weird closeup photos you can see the difference in the height each way.


Djaughan Zelmonde said...

I love the puppy cap!

Donna Lee said...

Isn't that weird how the size changes? You'd think they would be the same since they start out the same. It looks great.

Olivia said...

I haven't explained it very well, it's more that they are stiffer when turned inside out so they sit higher (more curved bottom).

Taphophile said...

Stuff on my dog! Love the colours of the bowl and its interesting that the proportions change.

Em said...

Ooooh, pretty!!! I actually just said that out loud sitting here by myself in the house. The bowl is awesome! I'm fascinated by the two-different-sizes phenomenon, that's pretty nifty.