Wednesday, October 24, 2007

the days are long where I come from

My old dino mate at the Queensland Museum.

This morning I had one of those close-to-waking dreams which can feel like you're really just thinking about something, rather than actually dreaming. I was preparing to take a trip to Brisbane for a few days and then on to a couple of different overseas destinations. There were difficulties with what to pack, where to stay, and then how to find the right departure gate in a large unfamiliar airport. Worst of all, I couldn't work out why I was taking this trip, but it was all arranged, an unstoppable force that I had to go along with.

Once I woke properly, it was such a relief to realise that trip wasn't real. Obviously it's a good thing I haven't got any more travel planned this year.

There's a new Flickr set for my not-so-recent Brisbane trip (end of Sept). I didn't manage to get any worthwhile shots in Melbourne last week.

Honestly, I am such a homebody. It hasn't been that much by many people's standards: a long weekend in Brisbane in July; a ski trip a week or so after that; another Brisbane long weekend in September, and four days in Melbourne last week. Amongst that, a busy time here in Canberra too, with some lovely things like weddings and visits from family and friends. Oh yeah and a bit of extra stuff at work. It's ninety per cent good; just, enough.


Bells said...

I'd consider that a fair amount of away time and would be missing my home a lot. I'm a homebody too.

Donna Lee said...

I used to work with a man who was from outside of Sydney and he loved to travel. He had been all over and when I commented on the amount of his travel, he said, "We Aussies love to travel. I think it's because we are trapped on an island". I think you all do travel more than anyone I know. I am definitely a homebody. And there is always something that needs repair or the kids needed shoes or some emergency or other.

Olivia said...

'Trapped on an island' makes me laugh - pretty big island! At school I seem to remember being taught Aus is considered the biggest island AND the smallest continent. But there is something in that - once an Australian (esp when young) scrapes together the fare to get to the northern hemispere, they tend to stay for at least a few months and try to cram a lot of travel in.