Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Womadelaide 2014: Some of Sunday's sights

341 W

234 flags

231 The cupcakes
Roundabout Theatre's The Cupcakes, "two perfectly groomed 1950s women on a mission to clean up the streets."
228 the cupcakes

204 flags & chairs

216 lanterns daytime

I made an effort to line up to watch the parade because I thought there would be some good photos in it. I took a few shots and then got into a good position, then...the camera battery died. I only bought the camera a week or so prior to the trip, and haven't yet bought a spare battery. And, since my normal habit with cameras is to let each battery go flat before charging, I had forgotten that I should top it up overnight. I thought these large skeletons were pretty cool. At least I got a couple of shots pre-parade.
336 pre parade

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Donna Lee said...

You always seem to have such beautiful weather for this. The bands and dancers are colorful and the flags! I can hear the snap of the fabric as the wind takes them.

It looks so joyous.