Saturday, March 01, 2014

Gotta go west on that bus

I made a bag for the littlest nephew (2 and a half) for Christmas. He didn't yet have a bag of his own (!) but had been playing with the little babyish bags I made for the twins when they were only a bit over one year old.

This one is a good deal bigger than those, in fact maybe a little bit bigger than I intended, but it is a good size for a couple of library books. I should have made the flap longer though. I've fallen in this trap with little pouches I've made before, I forget to allow for the width of the bag and make the flap too short. I used a satchel pattern from Knitty, though I'm pretty sure I improvised the numbers. The yarn is Bendigo's Murano - great value for a self-striping feltable.

I went op-shopping for a fabric belt for the handle and was thrilled with this black and white striped one. It had d-rings, which I cut off and used on the sides of the bag. And with these great instructions I learned how to make the strap adjustable.


Ted Sherwood said...

And on the bus he will be tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

And it's a beautiful bag... Well executed all 'round! Ily ma

Donna Lee said...

It's adorable and I'd bet very well loved. Little ones seem to love to put things in bags and carry them around.