Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Can you tell a green field?

After a night and a day in Amsterdam, I had a wonderful, peaceful two days in London with my great uncle. It's great, each time I see him it seems like we pick up just where we left off. On the Saturday afternoon we went for a short drive in the country to Box Hill. It was a beautiful sunny weekend at the end of the very rainy summer. Everywhere you looked (in the city too) there were people out getting their vitamin D.
Box Hill
On the Sunday we went into town for a walk, taking in the Tate Modern (below), Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, St Paul's Cathedral and a freaky moving statue.
I didn't know it when I took this picture, but I seem to have happened across Scott King's Temporary Eyesore installation as part of the London Festival of Architecture.
St Paul's Cathedral
st pauls_img_0935
On the Sunday evening I flew back to the Netherlands. Monday was a day of meetings in Den Haag and then we hopped on the Thalys fast train bound for Paris.
Unfortuately the fast train didn't seem all that fast overall when we stopped at a station very early in the journey and ended up waiting for over two hours because of an incident further down the line.

Click here to check out a few more of my photos from this short UK side trip.


Donna Lee said...

That shot of the field with all the people is just how I picture England in my mind. All green and verdant.

Bells said...

Ah, no. not at all that fast at all!

I'm sure Box Hill was where a fabulous Jane Austen scene was filmed. How lovely that you went there!

I was amazed my summer in England how the sun coming out made English folk just strip off and pour outdoors. I remember them sitting in Leicester Square in the middle of day in bikinis or shirtless - in the middle of the city!

Alwen said...

Beautiful photos!

Too bad about the not so fast train. When they do run, they are very fast! Not like the slow freights we see here.