Sunday, October 05, 2008

Where were they going without even knowing the way?

walk top_img_0520
Day 1.
We started our trip in Lillehammer, Norway (and neighbouring Hunderfossen where we stayed the Sunday night). After the work portion of the day was done, we were driven to the top of the town and offered the choice to walk down beside the ski jumps. It seemed like a fun thing to do and a good opportunity to admire the views and take photos.
What we hadn't expected was the people would actually be jumping! There was no snow but apparently they don't need it, they were just landing on the green plastic surface - some kind of fake grass I suppose.



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Michelle said...

Oh my goodness - that's just nuts!

Alwen said...

Well, that's amazing! I'm sure I didn't know they did that, although I remember sliding down a hill on a piece of cardboard one summer as a kid.

Bells said...

My God. I couldn't do that. No freaking way.

Kuka said...

Wow - that is so cool!! =)

Anonymous said...

You're in Norway? That is where all my family is from! Say hi to any tall blonde people you see, I might be related....

kms said...

completely insane. mad norwegians. not tempted to try it yourself, i gather?!

Beth Bynnag said...

Great pics! It looks like a lovely place. All that greenness. So are there any upcoming job vacancies in your department?! I could do with some work like this!