Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Oslo by night

From Lillehammer we took the train to Oslo in the late afternoon, and our hosts treated us to a six-course dinner at a very fancy restaurant on a hill overlooking the city. The bright streak of light on the hill in the background (in the middle of the upper third of the photo) is another ski jump, strikingly lit up at night.

Oslo night_img_0556
Fancy restaurants are always more tricky - they'll never just throw together a pizza or pull a quiche out of the freezer. This place really made a gallant attempt to come up with something different for the two of us vegetarians for each of the six courses, and each plate did look different, though they all seemed to involve a similar pile of salad leaves. There was a cheese course but unfortunately I am also a bit squeamish when it comes to strong cheeses. All the meat-eaters were complaining of being too full by the end, whereas I was just comfortable.

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Rhonda said...

Norway looks beautiful - can't wait to see more photos.
Can you please send me your mailing address so I can send you your 'pay it forward' present at rhonich at gmail dot com. Thanks Rhonda