Friday, November 07, 2008

Stars fading but I linger on dear


No doubt I could have more stories to tell about Paris and other parts of the trip, but September is rapidly receding in the distance. (Except that I have a presentation to do at work towards the end of November, argh!) My Paris set of photos can be seen here.

I may have to stop dwelling on the past here soon. There is an awful lot going on in the moment. Just in the past week or so I have: seen Cirque du Soleil's Dralion; started but not finished my tax return; dropped off a big pile of felted pears and bowls to Craft Act for their Exquisite show, which opens Saturday 15/11; suffered through a house inspection; made a pair of very bright pears for a special order; celebrated K's birthday with friends; worked on arrangements to possibly make the largest purchase of our lives; and tomorrow (starting at a time that I do not consider part of the day) we're heading to Noosa for a few days. Oh, and I made knitted jewellery for a man.

Yes. Knitted. Man. Jewellery.

You'll believe it when you see it.


Michelle said...

Have a great holiday! And good luck with all the stuff coming up in your life!

knitting sprouts said...

have a great holiday - I used to live up there, there are some wonderful places to hang out and relax.

Bells said...

Gosh those blue lights look amazing. Lovely shot.

I thought that trip was so much further away, and it's this weekend! Hope it's fun.

Intrigued by the idea of man jewellery.....

catsmum said...

DD and I have row 1 seats for Dralion when it hits Melbourne - it's a mother/daughter tradition of ours that started with [ I think] Allegria. Certainly the last one was Varekai.
Tell me I'm going to love dralion as well ...
and LOVE that shot of the Tower