Wednesday, November 12, 2008

full time flirt

I'm back. Noosa was relaxing and beachy.
The photo below was taken from the balcony of our luxurious apartment close to the beach. Yeah we had a pretty good time!


Michelle said...

Oh gosh, I feel so homesick, seeing Cooloola in the distance in that second photo. I think you might have stayed in the same hotel we did - every morning we would swim in the sea out front and the fish would nibble our toes.

Donna Lee said...

That looks so beautiful as I sit here and look out the window at grey, fall skies and cold temps. And I love the photo of the underside of the eiffel tower. What a great shot. You are a good photographer, Olivia. Your photos always look like they took time and planning.

Taphophile said...


kms said...


catsmum said...

Beautiful one day, perfect the next ? - indeed !!!!
and may I third that *sigh* ??