Monday, November 17, 2008

Koala in the wild

While walking in Noosa National Park we spotted a koala sleeping high in a tree (they're nocturnal). We were surprised to find one so near the path - probably enjoying the ocean breezes.
There is a set of my Noosa photos on Flickr.


amy said...

Thank you for sharing the photo!

Alwen said...

Funny little appaloosa rump!

Rose Red said...

Very cool! Is he in the right sort of tree? It doesn't look like a gum tree?

Olivia said...

I must confess the first photo is not the tree with the koala (I wrote that post so fast last night and I realise it's a bit misleading, putting that first photo there). I'm not expert enough to know if it's the right kind of tree! There's another picture of it in the tree here

We actually wondered if the national park people would place koalas within sight of the path like that, for tourists. But surely not. That would seem pretty unprofessional! They do have signs and maps suggesting where to look for them.

Bells said...

They really are a treat to see in the wild! So rare for us city folks.

Elizabeth McClung said...

cool, very, very very cool - thanks for the picture.