Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's the end of the weekend, again

Exquisite is now open at Craft Act and goes until 20 December; above is the lot I have put in the exhibition. A couple of items sold during the opening, which is very encouraging. It really is a lovely and varied show with a lot of affordable pieces for Christmas shopping.
And these special-order bright pears were my best attempt at, as requested, a shifting series of colours and as bright as possible. They are intended for someone who is mostly blind but can sometimes see bright colours on a good day. Of course, they're a tactile pleasure (if you like felt) even in the dark.


Alwen said...

Don't they look yummy!

And I love the tag.

Taphophile said...

So pleased the opening was a success. Fingers crossed for the duration of the exhibition. :)

Michelle said...

It was lovely to see you again after (what felt like) so long. Your felted stuff looked incredible.

2paw said...

Your selection looks really lovely. Good luck with the exhibition.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Thank you for your work, your payment is prepared and coming. Haha. I am really glad that something sold right away. It always feels better that way. I remember when we did the book fair and Linda emailed, "Sold $3" and I wanted to throw myself under a bus.

Anonymous said...

Hey Liv, I am lucky to have taken home the red-dy coloured vessel that looks like a sea anemone... to me anyway. Soooo beautiful. There were only a few pears and 3 vessels left by the time I got to see it yesterday. It's good to see all the rest in your photos here. LOVE them.
Joh (Melz's friend)