Saturday, August 22, 2009

What happened next

bowl minis done
I suppose it's stating the obvious, but things do get a lot smaller with felting.
Elvis & minis
This bowl actually contains about three more pears than it did in my previous post. The dog is smaller too. I didn't felt him, it's just that he posed this time instead of his bigger sister.

prism minis
Lincraft Prism (wool/soy blend)
rockbank minis
Sean Sheep Rockbank (also a wool/soy blend)
pink minis
The last scraps of a ball of Yarn Bee 'Seasoned Spice' from Spotlight (earlier seen here; the darker pink is Cleckheaton Merino Spun.
jet minis
Patons Jet.
armytage minis
Sean Sheep Armytage.


Donna Lee said...

I don't know what inspired you to do the original pears but they are so cute. A whole bowl full of pears is a great decoration.

Alwen said...

Look at all those wee pears!

(I did wonder how the dog got smaller.)

Anonymous said...

love the photos of them sitting on the paint peeling wood. you have the eyes of an artist. ily ma

dr k said...

ooooh i love the yarnbee ones! are you selling them or exhibiting?