Monday, August 17, 2009

a place none of us has been

T&C socks with Riker
Another load off my mind. I made these socks for K's Mum, partly because she is about to have surgery and partly just because. She seemed pleased and very taken aback; I have never made anything for her before and she didn't expect it. (In fact as I dropped around without K - he was at work - she was worried that I had bad news!)

T&C socks worn

The greyish brown for the toes, heels and cuff are made from (I think) Heirloom Argyle - from a bag of sock wool leftovers passed on to me by my grandmother. I think it goes well with the self-patterning stuff (Sirdar Town and Country, Volcano). That was a single 50g souvenir ball from my first to Tapestry Craft. Combining the two was a solution to not having enough of either for a pair of socks, but I also like the way a plain toe and heel with a self-patterned sock yarn can make the sock look more organised. There was a bit of ripping and reknitting in these, as the original plan was to have some cables in the cuff section. Although I added stitches to allow for the cables pulling in more than ribbing, it wasn't enough to avoid them being really stiff and a bit too tight. At least the reknitting went much quicker without the cables.

And the young Cmdr Will T. Riker? He kind of leapt into the shot just because he coordinates with the sock so well. But now that I think about it, there is a connection, as I used to sometimes watch Star Trek: The Next Generation at that house. I've just embarked on the series again. The pace is slow (thoughtful) compared to current tv shows, but I still love it. I would love to have a younger beardless Riker action figure as well, but he'll do.

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Trudi said...

Hope your Mum's surgery goes well. The socks are gorgeous.