Monday, August 03, 2009

We love our dogs in different sizes

tiny dog

As we were walking through busy Sydney streets last Saturday we found ourselves following a lady with this tiny dog on an extendable leash. The dog was so little we were a bit concerned he or she could be accidentally stepped on. The owner wasn't paying a lot of attention - I don't think she even noticed I took these photos.

Does anyone know what kind of dog this is?


The Shopping Sherpa said...



knitting sprouts said...

I think rat also. Can you tell I have bigger dogs?

dr k said...

hehehe, i think its just a chihuahua, some of them are hairy. but i think chihuahuas are related to rats anyway :) it is kind of cute tho, in its own special way!

SDQuilter said...

Long haired chihuahua that has been shaved. Kind of cute, if you are a dog person.