Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Rich men wanna be kings

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The reason we were in Sydney was to see the Sydney Swans play St Kilda at the SCG. Wonderful venue. I've also seen The Boss and, appropriately enough, one-day cricket there.


swans hat
This fan had an awesome hat but ended the night disappointed - the Swans lost by one point. K was beside himself though because it was the first time he's watched his team win live.
line ball
Referee throwing the ball in - it's a very athletic job.
The refs confer on a tough decision.
kids thump
At half time they set up several sets of goals and lots of kids come out to play several mini games. These two boys were full of beans, waiting for their game to start. I watched them doing that jump-up-and-bump-chests manoeuvre over and over again. By the time I took this photo they had grasped each others' arms in order to crash into each other more successfully - note the different in height.


dr k said...

nothing like a live footie game! i saw the boss there too, that concert that started with the power cut outs and the terrible sound! small world.

Donna Lee said...

I love the fact that they are the swans! What a cool name. And I think the swan hat is awesome!

knitting sprouts said...

I don't get footie at all - but have been there for cricket and David Bowie in 83!

Michelle said...

We were supposed to go up but silly me double booked myself for Cairns instead. Great photos. Go Saints!

Kuka said...

ooh that game was SO exciting!
Great capture in that last shot! The half time Auskick is so cool =)