Wednesday, April 25, 2007

In front of my friends and close relations

Dad's footy scarf is finished. It was due on 25 December (his birthday) and I missed the start of the season, delivering it to him last Sunday. Just in time for the start of colder weather.

When I quizzed him about what he would like - size, shape, fibre - all he would say was it should be 'just like the official one on the website'.

I matched the length and width as best I could based on a couple of quick inspections of similar scarves in shops. The number of stripes is the same, as is the tubular construction - a lot of stitches but it does go fast on a circular needle. The yarn is an improvement - 4 ply Filature di Crosa 'Zarina' rather than yucky acrylic.

I did leave out the large 'COLLINGWOOD' lettering - I considered trying it in intarsia, but came to my senses within a few minutes. I think he might get more wear out of the plainer version, anyway.

The badge was purchased on ebay - I couldn't find a current logo anywhere, but 'Premiers 1990' doesn't hurt does it?

The proper length and thickness for the fringe involved a lot of deliberation. I once made K a footy scarf and made the fringe way too short (and it's still waiting for replacement). So I tried to err on the side of a bit too long. I think it's actually about right, based on the 'official' picture.

If you want a plain stocking stitch scarf I recommend the tubular design (like the Harry Potter scarves). Putting on the fringe effectively sews the ends closed. It's got a nice weight and flatness to it, and sits nicely crossed in front or flung over one shoulder, staying on comfortably without tying.


Djaughan Zelmonde said...

FAN BLOODY TASTIC SCARF Liv. I LOVE it!!!!! I'm SO excited that you were able to get a logo off ebay.

Hope your ANZAC Day is going well.


Anonymous said...

The Dad here. We've got the heater on today, but the scarf is so good I might strip down just so that I can wear it while watching the Pies get up over the Dons today. So impressed with the smoothness, and the trouble little Liv went to to get it right, including to authenticate it with a genuine 1990 patch. I'm so lucky! Makes me think I should be a little more fanatical - might step up from yahooing in front of the box and go to two matches this year!

Kuka said...

It looks great Liv!!! =)

j said...

it turned out really well Liv - sounds like your dad likes it too!

Bells said...

hey you finished it! Well done Olivia! I know you've been working away at it for quite a while. Sounds like your dad is thrilled to bits with it.

Taphophile said...

"premiers 1990" will ALWAYS hurt! Apart from that, though, you did a fantastic job - looong tubular scarf in 4 ply - very impressed.

Jejune said...

Scarf looks utterly brilliant - and very cool that your Dad posted too :)