Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Remind me to spend some good time with you

We had a great weekend in Sydney, thanks of course to the V-festival - more on that later.

But also thanks to time with friends, and a bit of relaxed wandering around town. Thanks to a tip-off from a non-knitting friend I discovered the misleadingly named Tapestry Craft. Yes they are a tapestry/needlecraft shop upstairs, but also a huge yarn store downstairs. K and I walked in, took in the size of the place, and he quickly offered to go and amuse himself elsewhere for a while.

This is a lovely, welcoming store. There were plenty of customers, the staff seemed really friendly, there was even knitting class sitting around the table at the back. The range of yarn was huge and I spent a long time just checking everything out. Unfortunately the prices were steep, and I couldn't even find a bargain bin - do they save it up for sale time? I love bargain bins. I did buy a little bit of self-patterning Sirdar Town and Country sock wool.

Then I spent a delicious long time in the huge bookstore Kinokuniya - which still doesn't have a proper web site, why oh why? Checked out all the knitting books and then got a bit bewildered in the Japanese stationery section.

Then, I set off to find the pub where K was hanging out with a friend. I managed to park really close without actually knowing where I was going, then got my directions messed up and walked much further away. Ah, I got there in the end, and had a lovely catch-up with the other K. Followed by an excellent kebab and a (bit-too) late Sunday night drive home. I do love weekends at home, but the odd weekend away is lovely. And rare together, since K works every weekend.


Djaughan Zelmonde said...

Hey Olma,

I am SO glad that you and K had a lovely time in Sydney!!!!

I can just imagine parking close and then walking further away - that's the sort of thing I do all the time!!!!


Djau Zel

bertie said...

Glad it all came together so well!

From what K says, Pet Shop Boys were awesome.

Jejune said...

I've visited Tapestry Craft online, so it was interesting to read about your experiences there - pity it was so expensive :/

Glad you've had such a brilliant trip!