Sunday, April 22, 2007

Cause there's nothing at all except the space in-between

The last couple of years I have avoided the Lifeline Bookfair - mostly. The bookfair is a Canberra institution, a huge sale of donated books, held twice a year. On the first day people line up outside long before the doors open, armed with trolleys and boxes to fill up with the 'good stuff'. (Quite a few dealers get in at this stage). But you don't have to be there first, as the volunteers keep bringing out more stock through the weekend. And on the Sunday afternoon at a certain time they start selling everything at a 'by the bag' price.

I'd stopped going every time because I've been trying to slow down the flow of books coming INTO the house, especially fiction, in an attempt to read through some of the piles of books that I have accumulated over the years. This weekend I mostly stayed away from the fiction and focused on more on the craft areas. I got really lucky with a very nice copy of this Cath Kidston book which I was pretty sure my sister would love. I showed it to her last night. And after dinner, as I got out my knitting, she was already having ideas and rushing for her fabric stash.

I didn't find any great knitting books but I'm very happy with some alternative sources of inspiration:


Taphophile said...

Knitting books were pretty thin on the ground on Friday, too, and I was there first thing. Picked up a couple of good ones, but mostly it was the same old stuff.

You did well. :)

bertie said...

They put inspiration in books now? I've been looking via Google, like a sucka!

And I've had to stop smiling smugly about your having unread books, as my collecting has finally overcome my own ability to keep up...

Disclaimer: Probably never smiled smugly.

Bells said...

that is precisely why I've never gone! Can you believe it? a canberra book lover who's never been to the book fair?

I just don't have the capacity!

zjcroft said...

ahh the Lifeline bookfair, the highlight of my year. I loved it so much I even volunteered one year, didn't buy 1 book was too busy trying not add up incorrectly but had fun ;-)