Monday, February 27, 2006

Reason #127 why I need to spend more time writing

I really need to fill up notebooks before I've carried them around so long they start to smell funny. I don't know what that smell is. It's not foul, just a bit stale. The first time I experienced it was after I was caught in the rain at the cricket, and the notebook that was in my bag that day got quite damp. Unsurprisingly, it smelled funny after that, and after a while I replaced it even though it wasn't full. But since then I've noticed that some notebooks seem to take on a lesser but distinctive whiff after a while, even without the dampness.

I get sick of them about half way through anyway. There is nothing more compelling than a new notebook. Who knows what might unfold in its pages. I have to watch myself because I'm always looking for excuses to start a new one, coming up with slightly different purposes for them and carrying them all around in my bag. Including sometimes the beautiful (not smelly) little one my sister made for me - can't put anything so pedestrian as a shopping list in that one.

This post brought to you from the pages of a notebook that is three fifths done and not smelling so fresh.

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