Thursday, February 09, 2006

There she goes, there she goes again

Before I launched into making all those felted bowls, I did an image search for others out there. I already had an idea in mind of how they would look and feel, having made a few felted pouches, but I was curious how others did it. It turned out to be really hard to find good clear pictures, even though there has been plenty of interest in felting and fulling of knitted fabric. (Actually today's search results are a bit better than they were a few months ago).

I think the reason I couldn't find many really delicious, clear pictures that capture the texture well, was because fluffy felt is hard to photograph. At least, that't what I've found in my limited amateur experience. It always looks a bit out of focus, and it sometimes reflects the light in a strange way too. Maybe one of these days I'll make one and shave the fluff off closely and see how that goes.

The 'before' pictures just seem much clearer

Okay, I concede that some of my modest, long-suffering audience may be a little bit over the whole felted bowls thing. How about I throw a cute dog into the mix? Happy now?

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