Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Every day my confusion grows

I often read for a few minutes before I go to sleep at night. It's never very long because I get sleepy pretty quickly. In fact I'm usually sleepy by the time I go to bed and I'm just trying to squeeze in a few minutes extra reading time.

Only occasionally I find myself so immersed in the world of a book that I spend part of that night dreaming about it. The other night I was nearing the end of the Time Travellers Wife. It's a fairly intense read and especially so towards the end. I woke up about 2am realising I was irritated because I had been in a cycle of dreaming I was somewhere in the book (and if you've read it you'll know that it has a cyclical way about it), half-waking to vigorously scratch three mosquito bites on my foot, and seeming to return to the dream. After what seemed like endless rounds of this I became alert enough to get up and stand in the bathroom, figure out why my foot was so itchy, remember that vinegar is supposed to help, go to the kitchen for some vinegar (and a glass of water).

Today I was onto a new book, one in a series that I really enjoy (Phil Rickman's Merrily Watkins books). I was reading on the bus this morning when this happened. Suddenly something didn't make sense and I realised that the next page wasn't really the next page. I hoped that maybe the sections of pages were just out of order and I would be able to find page 27 somewhere and keep reading. Sadly, it was not to be. From 59 the book wanders on all normal-like up to page 90, then it blows its cool and jumps back to 59 again. Pages 27 to 58 are nowhere at all. So frustrating. I'm just glad I wasn't further into it. And also that I didn't pay more than $10 for the book. Still. Grrrr.

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