Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Pull this thread as I walk away

Yesterday I was steamed. There was an ISSUE that had been PROVOKING me for YEARS and I was gonna BLOG about it. Then I gor sidetracked onto trying to fix the poxy layout of my previous post, and failing, and then I had a tantrum and then I went to sleep. Anyway, I suppose there is really not much to this great big issue. It's just bra straps. I think I was overreacting a bit. Fashion dictates that bra straps are acceptable now. I'm just old fashioned, prudish even. It's just a strap. Who cares! (well, me, but apparently no one else under the age of 35).

Most of the time I can put up with it. A spaghetti strap tank with the bra straps following the same line as the top is bearable. But I'll always think it looks hilarious when I see a skimpy halterneck top not at all covering a massive wide strap support bra. It's a good idea to check the back view in the mirror before going out. So, when we meet in a work situation, and because of the shape or strappiness of your top (or, God forbid, its transparency), I know what colour your bra is, I will always think that's not cool. I just can't help it. It just looks so sloppy. I think too-casual jeans and t-shirt is preferable to that.

This post is coming to you from the outside world. Yes I have finally freed my computer from the shackles of dial-up internet and logged on using free public access wireless internet at a local cafe. To celebrate, I remembered how to use the timer on my camera and took a kind of bored-looking photo of myself sitting here. Actually I'm not bored, let's call it pensive. Probably overcompensating for how excited I actually am to be using this free and faster-than-dialup internet connection, and how it's kind of embarassing to be taking a photo of myself, especially since I'm sitting right under an open window opposite where they make the coffee.

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