Sunday, March 05, 2006

It's (not really at all) like ra-a-ain, on your wedding day

Pretty much ever since I had the most awesome weekend at Womadelaide last year, I was planning to do it again this year. Then my sister and brother-in-law in Perth let us know they were having a baby. I noticed how Adelaide is kinda sorta on the way to Perth. So late last year, planning much further ahead than usual, I booked the necessary flights for a Very Exciting Trip involving very dear friends, cool new music, Belgian fries with mayonnaise, loved family members, and getting to know my NEW NEPHEW!

I think on average I'm probably invited to one wedding per year. I am only going to be away for just two weeks. In that time I am going to miss attending two weddings, and one baby shower. Some people might call this ironic but they would be wrong. It's not not ironic in any way, just bad timing. For the situation to be ironic I would have to, say, be going away for a wedding, which would then be called off at the last minute leaving me there for no reason and away from home not attending other weddings. Right?

Sadly, I will also miss out on a really cool event at my favourite comic shop. Boo, I say. Several Australian women comic book creators all converging on Impact comics next Saturday. I'm kind of bummed to miss out on this.

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