Friday, March 24, 2006

I love you cause I have to

When we planned an afternoon in Fremantle I was keen to go back to Elizabeth's bookshop. It was in one of the two Elizabeth's in Fremantle during my first visit to Perth where I happened to pick up one of Phil Rickman's books and since then I've been reading the whole series. I had been looking for a second hand or cheap replacement for the book that was missing pages and I found it in the first Elizabeth's I walked into. Not that that stopped me visitng the other Fremantle one too. Then a few days later, I had a morning of wandering the Subiaco shopping strip and happened upon one there too. Later that afternoon, in the city, I swear I didn't seek them out but my path took me past (and of course, into) the two city stores as well.

I'm going to Sydney this weekend (to see The Amazing Human Body). If I was to happen to seek out the two Sydney stores, and managed to find them before, say, 3pm, I would be able to say I had visited all of the seven Elizabeth's stores within one week. I'm not actually going to do it, but the idea pleases me. I think I just like to collect things, even fairly meaningless things like visits to bookshops.

Well, they are very nice 2nd hand bookshops.

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