Monday, March 07, 2011

Field trip

The Saturday before last, my photography class took a field trip to the Canberra Show. It was hot and busy and slightly frustrating but did I get some photos that I like (and also some that fulfilled the assignments without being great shots).


Donna Lee said...

that shot looks like a painting. The colors are so rich and deep. You are a good photographer, Olivia. Your shots are always so crisp and clean and tell a great story.

DrK said...

heh, so much interesting material at the show. this is a great picture, would love to see some more!

Alwen said...

That is an amazing photo. It looks like something from a movie's dream sequence.

(Of course, I'm sitting here in the drab of mud season, brown ground, brown tree trunks, gray sky: quite a contrast to all that saturated color!)