Thursday, March 31, 2011

17 Hippies; twelve of them

They are 17 Hippies, though there were only 12 in Adelaide. These pictures are from a workshop session on the Monday.
434_edit 1
Their music is a mixture of folk, pop and many other styles. They did more songs in French than German - apparently actually starting to write songs in German was a bit of a breakthrough for the group. I gather from what I remember of the program, and the English bits on their site, that they set out to make their own 'Berlin style'. During the workshop they tried to explain the importance/improbability of using the German language, but I don't think we really got it. Made me curious though.
Their bandleader talked a bit about the hand signals they use when improvising. They've been playing together for many years and do this pretty effortlessly.




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Donna Lee said...

They look like they're really enjoying themselves. I love it when performers look like they love their work. Makes the performance so much more enjoyable.