Monday, March 28, 2011

Holds the world in a paper cup

Prompted by Rhonda, I added a little info to the post below about who is in the photos. I didn't see Asa's own set - and after hearing her do a song during the Gala, I kind of regret that. 17 Hippies were enormously enjoyable and I took tons of photos of them during their workshop. Will post some of those soon.

Meanwhile, some festival atmosphere.


Anonymous said...

I love this photo and the lights in ones below are beautiful

Donna Lee said...

The weather always looks perfect for this festival. I know that it must rain sometime but you always manage to catch the good days.

Olivia said...

I was there only for two days this time, and it did rain a bit on one of the days. Luckily it was only light and didn't last. Some years we have been drenched.