Monday, February 28, 2011


This won't come as a big surprise after my previous post - I knitted a cushion cover. It's something I have always wanted to do, and resisted doing for my own house as one or other of the dogs would be likely to pull threads and make a mess of it when they occasionally need to 'reorganise' the couch to achieve their preferred seating arrangements. (Yeah, the dogs are allowed on the couch. They are useful in winter, that's for sure - though unfortunately this household is only rated for a two-dog night.)
The wool is probably Cleckheaton Country Silk - I got it, unlabelled, in one of those bargain packs from Lincraft. I think it was seconds as the colour was weird, it seemed to vary between slightly pinker and slightly purpler shades. I actually liked this subtle effect, and I knit with two strands together which helped it blend too. I made this up as I went along - knit a large rectangle flat (I did think about doing it in the round - but I was half done by then). It's possible that a bit of planning/research might have resulted in a neater closure. It is slightly weird the way the two edge buttons (there are actually four across the back) are out on the sides. Luckily my loved ones are accustomed to receiving 'prototypes' from me.


Alwen said...

It came out very well in the end. I make things up as I knit, too, and then what to tell people who want a pattern?

Anonymous said...

It's got an expensive handcrafted look about it. Like you bought it in an upmarket designer sort of shop or like the things you see on the Selvedge website. Your friend will be pleased with it. Lovely. ily ma

Anonymous said...

very very pretty

looks nice and soft too

Kuka said...

I think its pretty - i like the colour and the scalloped edge the button closure gives the back =)

Emma said...

I often think about making some knitted cushion covers, but it's never turned into reality.

The cables are really nice, it makes it look really warm and comfy.