Thursday, February 10, 2011

Now I want purple carpet too

These photos are old now (from my trip to see the Sydney Biennale with my mum and sister in June last year) but I still really wanted to share them.
There was one large installation in the Concert Hall Northern Foyer of the Opera House, and it was such a pleasant environment we lounged around for a while. One of the staff told us the purple carpet was part of the installation. The piece was Julia Morison's Myriorama #7: Network.

I spent some time with the art but also enjoyed the whole complex space.


It would probably be an amazing space even if it didn't loom out over magnificent Sydney Harbour. But it does.


Donna Lee said...

What a wonderfully bright and airy space. I love the purple carpet and the way the sun comes in through the windows.

Anonymous said...

thats got to be one of the best spots in the entire city i reckon. i love the carpet too! great photos.